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Skills[edit source]

With the edit tool I looked up the skills, just haven't thought about if/how to place them here yet. Should there be a topic per werewolf, or just a combined page.. And how to handle all the links.


  • Normal Werewolf, Class Warrior: [Monster_Shriek_Frenzy|Frenzy], [Monster_Shriek_Leap|Leap]], [Monster_Shriek_Overwhelm|Overwhelm], [Monster_Shriek_Shriek|Shriek]
  • Rabid Werewolf, Class Warrior: [Monster_Shriek_Frenzy|Frenzy], [Monster_Shriek_Leap|Leap], [Monster_Shriek_Overwhelm|Overwhelm], [Monster_Shriek_Shriek|Shriek]
  • Werewolf Leader, Class Warrior: [Monster_Shriek_Frenzy|Frenzy], [Monster_Shriek_Leap|Leap], [Monster_Shriek_Overwhelm|Overwhelm], [Monster_Shriek_Shriek|Shriek], [Dog_Combat_Training|Combat Training], [Dog_Nemesis|Nemesis]
  • Werewolf Shadow, Class Warrior: [Monster_Shriek_Frenzy|Frenzy], [Monster_Shriek_Leap|Leap], [Monster_Shriek_Overwhelm|Overwhelm], [Monster_Shriek_Shriek|Shriek], [Combat_Movement], [Combat_Stealth], [Coup_De_Grace], [Lethality], [Master_Stealth], Stealth, [Stealthy_Item_use]

--Mytharox 15:59, November 23, 2009 (UTC)

Very cool info. I'm undecided on how best to present this info. For now probably just one "Werewolves" page with all the info, but eventually we'll probably need this plus a page for each type. --  SkyeNiTessine (talk · contr) 16:06, November 23, 2009 (UTC)
Thanks for the reaction. I was thinking the same, it would have been easier if all the werewolves looked radically different, then the extra value of a page per werewolf would be greater. But as it is most look almost the same (Maybe a little darker pelt for the Shadows) For now I'll place the info on the normal page then.--Mytharox 16:18, November 23, 2009 (UTC)

Blizzard makes Werewolves passive?![edit source]

I just stumbled upon something quite strange... When I cast Blizzard near a certain group of Werewolves they become passive and just stand about doing nothing. It hasnt worked on other Werwolves so far, so its not a general thing. Anyone have an explanation for this? Here's a screenshot, so you know which werewolves I mean: ""

Kaerendar 22:20, April 10, 2010 (UTC)

Link just goes to the home page where I'm informed "Your images have never looked better." and I'm asked to start uploading. So can't really help. Maybe one needs an account/password ?

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