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small bugEdit

if your target has its back obstructed to where you cannot teleport to the location, this talent will behave strangely.

sometimes it will do the teleport animation, yet you stay in the same location, and the target is magically damaged like you hit it with a ranged attack of some sort.

other times the power will just fail completely and just cause the timer to go on cooldown.

this is a very powerful ability despite that annoyance, just take some care in picking your target / timing its use.

i almost feel like saying very powerful is an understatement really. i mean there just isnt much that compares to seeing a boss spawn on the other side of this big room clicking 3 buttons and him being dead that fast. i mean honestly, mark of death - vendetta teleport - twin fangs - dead. that fast. noone else can drop something that fast.

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