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Shokrakar Shokrakar Shokrakar Shokrakar Shokrakar

potentially useful --FossilLord 14:29, December 17, 2014 (UTC)

In engine description for Shokrakar: Edit

<CharacterDescription Offset=”0x00000710” Type=”DAI_String”>Shokrakar is a female qunari who spent her life rebelling against the dictates of the Qun, and finally escaped. She was always too aggressive and too opinionated to fit the Qun'€™s idea of proper female behavior, and rebelled repeatedly against every profession and part of society the priests tried to force her into. Her name literally means "€œrebel," in qunari. She bears hefty emotional and physical scars from years of enduring re-education camps, but is triumphant about having gained her freedom. She is forthright, confident and impossible to intimidate. Visually, she should show the scars of her background, but have a relaxed, open demeanor, since she has finally achieved everything she was fighting for.</CharacterDescription>

<SpeechPattern Offset=”0x00000714” Type=”DAI_String”> forthright, confident, blunt</SpeechPattern>

<Accent Offset=”0x00000718” Type=”DAI_String”>pitch-deepened American</Accent>

Should the page be updated with this information in mind, or should we wait until she gets an in-game appearance? (talk) 22:07, March 6, 2015 (UTC)Slash

Tully: Edit

William "Iron Ass" Tully isn't part of Valo-Kas -- the page even notes that he's captain of Adaar's former company. He is significant in that his inclusion into Adaar's backstory means that they've worked for a (likely) human company before they joined Valo-Kas, but he should probably be removed from this page.

HeraldAdaar (talk) 05:24, July 10, 2015 (UTC)

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