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Difficulty of areaEdit

Is this one of the areas that patch 1.02 fixes as far as level scaling goes? Because this area gave me so much trouble -- I had to leave and come back with Wynne, who I had NEVER used otherwise. And then I saved after every short battle, because they were insanely difficult. And I play on easy. I don't think even the Archdemon gave me this much trouble. - Ancestralmask 00:02, December 10, 2009 (UTC)

Did you charge the room? My tactics is to move my party very far back and then pick them off one by one. The room would usually aggro, but if you are far enough back you run towards your party and they will come streaming out - with the mage at the very far back. You should be able to kill a few melee guys before the mage rounds the door. At that point, have your damage dealers stab him to death. --Tierrie 00:05, December 10, 2009 (UTC)

I've taken two characters through so far, neither with Wynne. I've gotten partial party wipes both times but my party prevailed.

I had to save game every short battle, though. And it took me a few tries on some of them. Pulling from the room back to party generally made things easier, except for the last battle which can't be pulled.

I found this quest quite easy, pretty much only using Morrigan and Wynne. In the large rooms I use sleep to keep them where they are, then cast Blizzard and Death Cloud which slowly pick away enemy health that most of them die. I use Wynne to cash Mana Clash on the mages, all of them except the blood mage leader die in one hit. My rogue and Alistair go at the dogs and the mercs that manage to avoid the blizzard and death cloud. --Sab0tage 23:29, January 1, 2010 (UTC)

deserted building key? Edit

i killed the mage and he dropped a bedroom key? any idea what its for?

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