So, as I recall from the first showings of DAI stuff back with the GameInformer things last year, we seen this particular demon and had it referred to as a "Nightmare." The creature was once more referred to as a Nightmare in a Facebook release,
Facebook Demon Release

Facebook version

however twitter has called it the "Terror Demon" which is the only place I've heard it called such
Twitter Demon Image

Twitter Version


Do we have any idea which is correct? We've heard Nightmare more often, but that may have been in regards to them having said it will be a 'nightmare to fight,' and not actually indicative of the particular demons typing.

(PS. we're still missing the Despair Demon, are we not?) User:ChaosMorning

Hmm, looks like we have a bit of a mystery! I think we'll have to keep our eyes open for most information, but hanks for pointing this out. Friendship smallLoleil Talk 22:26, May 30, 2014 (UTC)

Mike Laidlaw on the IGN stream confirm that it's Terror demon also they are lesser demons and subservient to Fear Demons. User:Alexei007

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