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The conversation between Sten and the dog where Sten talks to him about his sword is missing

Sten: Talking about Wisdom Edit

A conversation with Sten about wisdom is missing. It appears after the group leaves the church in Redcliff and Stan mentions something about humans and their wisdom. Unfortunately I only have it in german. I don't know how it sounds like in english. Maybe I could try to translate it analogous.

Warden: Ich wollte mit Euch über etwas sprechen, das Ihr erwähnt habt.
Sten: Gut. Sprecht.
Warden: Was habt Ihr mit Eurer Bemerkung über menschliche Weisheit gemeint?
Sten: Wenn die Menschen auch jenseits der Mauern der Kirche Weisheit suchen würden, könnten sie sie unter Umständen auch finden.
Warden: Wo sonst sollte man Weisheit finden können, wenn nicht im Gesang?
Sten: Versucht, danach zu suchen. Weisheit ist wie der Atem. Ihr braucht ihn, aber niemand kann Euch seinen geben.
Warden: Wie kann man dann Weisheit finden?
Sten: Sie ist überall. [...] Es ist sinnlos, das noch weiter zu diskutieren. Wir sollten weitergehen.
(+6 Approval)

I guess the +6 is part on the third and fourth answer.

The conversation above in English:
Warden: I wanted totalk to to you about something that you have mentioned.
Sten: Good. Speak.
Warden: What did you mean by your remark about human wisdom?
Sten: If people would look beyond the walls of the church wisdom, they could also be found.
Warden: What else should be able to find wisdom, if not in song?
Sten: Try to look for it. Wisdom is the breath. You need him, but nobody can give you his.
Warden: How can one find wisdom?
Sten: It is everywhere. [...] It is pointless to discuss this further. We should go on.

--Cocofang 13:08, May 22, 2010 (UTC)

Sten's Remarks Edit

Anyone been able to trigger his dialogue for entering Dust Town or the Diamond Quarter? I must have tried at least 30 times and I just can't get him to speak. I'm starting to think it's either bugged (on the 360 at least) or he simply doesn't say anything. - Kerethos (talk) 20:45, August 21, 2010 (UTC)

Haven Edit

When Sten challenged you upon entering Haven's square, if his approval is maxed out, he only speaks his mind, instead of actually challenging you to a duel.

Fast Approval Increases Edit

When you are presented with the choice of asking Sten why he was caged, you can repeat this question after finishing its dialog tree any number of times, resulting in +16 approval each time.

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