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About altar with Blood-Spotted Venatori Diary. It seems it's not always a Pride Demon but rather a random group of leveled demons. I've encountered 1 Great Terror, 1 Wraith and 1 Despair Demon here, all level 19. Character was at level 21 at that moment. (as of PC version, v. 1.04, 28/02/2015)

Thank you for noting this, I made a little change in notes. Moreover, you are most welcome to edit any pages directly if you see some information is missing or incomplete, because the wiki is meant to be created by many different editors and thus the help is always appreciated. --Kewpies signature Kewpies[talk] 23:42, February 27, 2015 (UTC)

Just a comment: In my opinion it is that last paragraph that is the crux of this quest, as the rest is done simply securing the Hissing Wastes beforehand. I feel it could do with more detail. Each time I have played this I have already found my way around their camp as best I could. Each time I defeated all who I found, and yet the quest didn't finish. On previous play-throughs I had to return again (and again ?) and try again to find whoever had been missed. It's really that, surely, that most coming to this wiki page will be looking for information on. I am assuming the missing bit must be the overseer area, so directions there could be worthwhile. It's not as if the map is that helpful, we don't get one that allows us to see the area detail, nor the path we have already recently trod.

Addition: finally, northeast of the marker. It's like a blooming maze in there ! (talk) 14:02, December 12, 2015 (UTC)

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