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I just completed this quest and got a different conversation from anything listed on this page. I made sure it was the right quest and I am in Act 3. The scene involved me talking to Fenris alone and never showed any other companions talking to him beforehand. I have completed Isabela's Regret and have accepted No Rest for the Wicked but have yet to meet Velasco. Am I missing something here? Did I find an alternative cutscene not listed, or possibly a bug? --CoconutHalf (talk) 15:47, September 11, 2012 (UTC)

Thanks to YouTube and saving right before I talked to Fenris, I was able to figure out that the cutscene I got was the one that comes after Alone, if you side with Fenris. After talking to Fenris though, the game told me I had completed Questioning Beliefs. So apparently the Alone cutscene overrode the one I was supposed to get because I reached full rivalry with Fenris before talking to him. Now I no longer have the quest Questioning Beliefs and think I'll have to revert to an earlier save. Checking back, I also realize that I didn't get a quest update to talk to Fenris after Alone. Is the bug here actually from that quest but interfering with this one? Can anyone confirm that this is a bug? CoconutHalf (talk) 16:00, September 11, 2012 (UTC)

My mistake: I forgot to add an edit summary when I posted the bug (and workaround) that you can get with the romance side of Questioning Beliefs, if you have to do the Isabela workaround in Demands of the Qun. Just so people know: I posted the bug (romance doesn't trigger) and workaround (use the console to clear 'ended' and/or 'denied' flags on Fenris). I also posted this information in Demands of the Qun. Seshet (talk) 20:23, January 18, 2015 (UTC)

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