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Recreate her in every way... Edit

I can understand singling out women for Quentin's abomination recreation of his departed wife and even understand why different parts of different women would be needed to recreate her. What I don't get is, well...everything about the feet of said abomination. I mean, how often do you spend looking at your lovers feet? Even if Quentin had a foot-fetish, how in the blue hell did he find the perfect set of feet for his experiment? I mean, it's not like humans go out in public in their bare feet.

I think you are reading way too much into this.-- God · Pray · 15:47,3/25/2011 

Too Unexpected Edit

What I think is sort of disappointing about Quentin is that he's completely unknown until the quest where you meet him. I think early hints would be a great idea in pushing the White Lily Killer storyline. Maybe some evidence of Quentin would make Hawke's self-blame much more evident and hatred of Quentin much more powerful.

Is Orsino really Quentin's "O"?Edit

I know the evidence is damning with him saying that he knew about Quentin and kept his research a secret but he never actually says Quentin was a friend of his nor wrote any letters to him. It is misleading to say that Orsino "is revealed that Quentin had a writing correspondence with someone with the initial "O"which is later revealed to be First Enchanter Orsino." At the very least we can infer and speculate that he is the author of Codex entry: A Letter from the Circle and with good reason but in the end it is all conjecture and that is not definitive proof. Thus I will change the wording of it unless someone gives me definitive proof.(Sports72Xtrm (talk) 07:38, March 31, 2014 (UTC))

This is a change for the worse. While I agree that "definitive proof" is still lacking, there is such a thing as conclusive evidence. How would Orsino know Quentin's magic, and actually manage to replicate it, if he was not in direct contact with him? What other mage in the Kirkwall Circle would a) have the authority to remove books on Blood Magic from the library to send to an outside contact and b) sign with the initial "O"? At this point, suggesting that Orsino was not entertaining correspondence with Quentin is much more of a conjecture than the opposite. Also, I'm choking on the number of 'might's -- that is simply bad style.
~ Okay, I carefully rephrased/reordered the article to take care of these issues. Simply presenting the facts leaves it to the reader to draw conclusions. (talk) 10:41, September 24, 2014 (UTC)
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