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-Is there a game this guy doesnt lend a voice to?

 ??? Edit

Is it possible that Pol could be one of Taeodor's brother's who left Denerim to find the Dalish?

Stop removing trivia without cause, give a reason, Thank you. Edit

Trivia meterial about Pol keeps getting removed by HD3, without a good reason. Prehaps because he/she only likes to see their own narrow view of Dragon Age Lore. MaxiRage (talk) 14:55, October 8, 2014 (UTC)

I'm not sure what manner of narrative you've built up about myself or what "bias" which you think is motivating me to undo your edit other than the fact it isn't necessary. If you'd read the edit summary next to the undo you would have noticed the whole "per trivia guidelines" remark which would have furnished you with an explanation. I refer you to the, trivia guidelines which explain what is and isn't considered trivia.
Now if you'd bothered to ask me why I was undoing your edit rather than being insulting, I might have suggested you include the dialogue you keep adding as a quotation per the quote guidelines and add a trivia note underneath it suggesting that this quote had special significance because despite joining the Dalish several years prior to his death, Pol's city elf upbringing leads him to reflexively reference andraste as a quasi expletive, rather than the elven pantheon he now follows. I would also have pointed out the factual errors in your edit, (this is not the first time Hawke encounters Pol) and that you could have included the relevant links to provide more opportunities for any potential readers to explore the world of dragon age further.

Also my view of Dragon Age's lore is not "narrow", indeed in contrast to the more fanatical and argumentative members of this community, I generally try to refrain from enforcing an opinion and be as objective as possible by editing as independently as possible from what I personally may consider the "correct" choice in any situation or dispute. Of course it helps that, though admittedly I do so say so myself, I am fairly well versed on the lore of Thedas in general.

P.S I hope this experience has not put you off contributing to the wiki. We need enthusiastic editors, we just want to make sure they maintain an appropriate standard of concision, fact sourcing and accuracy. The wikia is a collaborative project as is every article it hosts. It helps if we don't assume malice when editors find themselves in a disagreement with each other.

-HD3 Sig 15:12, October 8, 2014 (UTC)

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