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The Passage of TimeEdit

PC: I'm about to put this in the article because I've gone through the Proving several times and have witnessed this each time. When waiting (rather than hammering ESC) through the post-victory monologue, and when speaking to the Proving Master post-victory, time passes with regards to your abilities' cooldown, but not for effects applied to the character. When playing this as a rogue the first time through, I skipped nothing, and found that while my "Dirty Fighting" and "Riposte" maneuvers had "recharged" by the beginning of the next bout, the poisons I applied to my daggers hadn't progressed towards expiration; one application of poison lasted me until a few seconds into the final bout. --Oferphuxake (talk) 02:26, June 30, 2010 (UTC)

Name TypoEdit

Darvianak Volney's family name shows up as Vollney (two "l"s) in-game.

Giving the helm away in the Dwarf Noble beginning Edit

Hi I have not noticed anything good gained from giving the helmet you win in the proving to Frandlin Ivo but neither has keeping the helmet prove beneficial as it is lost as soon as you get prisoned. There is nothing about this on the Wiki does any of you know something about this? If so should this not be included either on this page as it takes place during a proving or on the dwarf noble origin page as it involves that or even both?--Sir Eyeball : I watch and learn 23:17, December 12, 2012 (UTC)

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