Abomination category

By definition abomination is a mage possessed by demon. If Imshael didn't leave her body in the novel, then she'd still have been an abomination. However it can't be ignored in my opinion. Giving her category of an abomination despite she's no more an abomination isn't misplaced. Many character pages have categories of former status of characters - Anders is a warden no more, but has this category; Sebastian has category of royality and chantry member despite he's exiled prince and his cloister is ruined and we can't be sure if he returned to Starkheaven or found another cloister; Varania has slave category despite she's no more a slave; Celene has royality category despite she lost everything; Oghren has noble and warrior caste categories, but he lost them after he was excomunicated from his house; Bartrand has noble caste category, but when we meet him in the game he's a surface dwarf. We should either give everyone categories of their former status or delate categories of the former statuses. Who would support giving everyone categories of their former status and who would support delating categories of the former status? If the former wins, then Mihris will be given abomination status, if the latter wins, then all former status categories will be delated from every character. (talk) 05:36, May 21, 2014 (UTC)

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