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Can anyone tell me where it became true that the Inferno Golem is a modified Steel Golem instead of a second variant to the original Golems? after all it said nothing in there Codex page about them being Steel Golems, just Golems that were built by Paragon Hirol to be even greater than other Golems. Zf6hellion 02:24, March 22, 2010 (UTC)

I didn't find this encounter is the hardest, not even hard at all, i'm playing on nightmare with lvl 30 dual wield warden using double the veshialle axe, lvl 30 oghren , lvl 30 Sigrun , and Lvl 30 Velanna

The only true threat is the lost however, he's annoying and pretty hard to kill, not the golem.

I soloed both the lost and the golem and took the golem down less than a minute...not hard at all. Well i'm using the the armor rune mod and craft 2 paragon barrier rune.

What i'm pointing here is that it seems strategy isn't truly necessary fighting this one, the golem is ridiculously slow and his attack barely hit me, and i only have 84 defense. When it does however, his attack only inflict like 35-38 damage (49 armor) plus i'm wearing warden commander armor set, with regular items from origins..And my spec are Berserker, Templar , and Spirit Warrior.

Fighting the dragon thrall in Silverite mine is much more troublesome i think, also the Queen of Blackmarsh imo

The Avvar Lord in vigil's keep basement is also a lot more challenging to solo, since he is immune to spirit damage. Fighting him feels like fighting Cauthrien again lol

--AyuPearL (talk) 19:01, August 9, 2011 (UTC)

Minor Grammatical Edit. I changed the incorrect 'whom are loyal' to correct 'who are loyal'. Since the pronoun is the subject of the clause it has to be 'who'. (Anarchil.) I also just checked the files and the golem should be (/pace the trivia on the main page/) immune to fire damage. TRAIT_FIRE_IMMUNITY is listed as one of its properties. I'm not going to check this any time soon though. (Anarchil.) Actually I have gathered more information! I think I see the problem. There are two .utc files for the golem. They are 'ltl500cr_losts_golem.utc' and 'giant_golem_fir.utc'. I think that the golem actually runs off the former of these which does /not/ have the fire immunity property and does have the fire healing property mentioned in the article. This suggests that not being immune to fire damage is probably a bug, with a mistake being made when 'ltl500cr_losts_golem.utc' was made. (Anarchil.)