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I would like to remind that not all ghouls die, some ghouls become darkspawn (or in the case of women, broodmothers). While there is no definitive evidence to this statement from within the game(in the case of common darkspawn conversions, broodmothers are clearly converts), the same "loading-screen tip" that suggests that all ghouls die presents an alternative to ghoul perishings, to be "lost underground forever," which may be interpereted as being converted or consumed into or by darkspawn.

--Rovole 13:06, December 28, 2009 (UTC)

Is there any source for the tainted humans being used as smith for Darkspawn comment? Don't the 'spawns have their own forges and smiths? I seem to remember fighting at least one Genlock Forgemaster in the Deep Roads.

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