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Does anyone know. If you have weapons with enchantments (runes) in them that add elemental damage (other than the enchanted spell type) will using frost weapons cancel that damage. For example, when I have any kind of fire rune in a dagger the daggar is flaming, but when I use frost weapons the dagger becomes iced and is no longer flaming, this makes the dagger do ice damage and normal damage but is the fire damage still applied? Also, I know any mage can only cast enchant fire, ice, or telekinetic... But has anyone tried using two mages one with fire and the other with ice or telekinetic? Will these both apply at the same time then?

I had Flaming Weapons with Wynne, and telekenetic weapons with myself as mage and both showed up in the 'good-effects'-region.

I have a question myself, does +X% Cold damage apply any effects on the bonus damage from the spell? --Faceshifter (talk) 11:22, June 9, 2010 (UTC)

I have the answears to all those questions:

About the question for the runes and buffs if they stack: the answer is yes, they do. If you have a sword with a fire rune in it for example and add frost, you will do both frost and fire damage, even if the sword is glowing in only 1 element...simply call it..frostfire ;) I tested that myself

The question about +X% damage..for example from a ring with +10% cold damage..this is a tricky question..because you can't really see weather or not it works. Because 10% of 5 cold damage is 0.5 that means you should do 5.5 cold damage..but it only shows 5...on the other hand 20% of 5 is 1, so it should show 6 cold damage...but i didn't find 2 items with 10% dmg to give me 20% to test it  :( so i'm not sure..but i don't see why it shouldn't work..

Hope this helped! ;) Have fun!

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