Mount Name Correction Edit

I just realized the title of this page is Armored Mount, however the page should be Inquisition Barded Charger. The page Armored Mount should be in reference to the Armored Mount DLC which can be found here.

So technically there should be a page for the horse which would be Inquisition Barded Charger (which currently exists as a redirect to the Armored Mount), and a separate page for the DLC Armored Mount. I can make the proper adjustments on both pages, can I proceed? Zj24 (talk) 03:12, September 24, 2019 (UTC)

Made the proper adjustments to distinguish between the mount: Inquisition Barded Charger, and the DLC pack: Flames of the Inquisition Armored Mount pages.
Zj24 (talk) 18:54, September 24, 2019 (UTC)
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