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Does this not work for anyone else? I activate it and damage stays the same.

Nevermind, it's a bug in the display on the inventory page where it does not update the damage. Switching to the character sheet and back to the inventory page updates it.

Removing spellpower dmg effect... Edit

"Each point of spellpower increases melee damage by approximately 0.9 points while Combat Magic is active."

This was removed because it's magic increases combat damage with combat magic on. Not spellpower. As this reasoning is indicated on the page this could serve to confuse readers. Furthermore, the damage per point in magic is relative to weapon used. It's not always 0.9. To illustrate, let's assume a mag of 11:

longswords: 0.625 x mag mod-> 0.625 x 1 = + 0.63 dmg waraxes: 0.625 x mag mod x 1.1-> 0.625 x 1.1 = + 0.69 dmg

0.625 is the average of the random attribute modifier for single-wielding of 50~75%.


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