alternate conditional text

The posted text of this entry is applicable in a situation where the Chargers survived. In the alternate situation, the codex entry would be:

A letter with an Inquisition seal sits half buried in a pile of memos:

To the Honorable Salasari, Triumvirate of the Qun:

On behalf of the Inquisition, I must humbly inquire as to the hostile actions of your agents in Halamshiral. The Iron Bull has consulted his immediate superiors and contacts within the Ben-Hassrath to no avail. It was our understanding that the Inquisition and the Qunari nation were allies. Why, then, are our people being attacked by Ben-Hassrath agents, and why have we found Qunari gaatlok hidden around the Exalted Council? If your illustrious personages can offer an explanation, we would be glad to hear it. If not, we must consider these to be acts of war.

Respectfully, Ambassador Josephine Montilyet

Several incomprehensible messages in Qunlat follow. A letter written in common in elegant script has been torn open and crumpled into a ball, but the writing is still legible:

To Ambassador Josephine Montilyet of the Inquisition,

The Salasari have no knowledge of any operations occurring in Halamshiral, and are investigating your claims of gaatlok being used in the South. We regret that we are unable to divulge any information regarding current Ben-Hassrath activities at this time, but we hasten to assure you that our partnership with the Inquisition is one we value highly.

I cannae get the bloody conditional thing to work, else I'd add it myself. - Theskymoves (talk) 22:40, July 13, 2016 (UTC)

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