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in the "City of Amaranthine" there is a locked door. upper left side of the to the back exit. when i try to open the door. it says you need a key. where do you get the key from?

I think the door you're talking about is the door to the city guard's rooftoop hq. If you complete the quests for the smugglers, you'll be asked to kill the head of the guards by the smuggler leader in the smuggler's cove. You have to enter the battlements and kill the sergeants first because one of them has the key. Once you find it, you can unlock the door and complete the quest as well as possibly free the elven archer Jacen who is in a cage in the area.

Note: This happened to me on the PS3. Apparently, I hadn't killed all the sergeants on the battlements. Even though I completed the quest, when I went back up to the battlements, I was attacked by the city guards.

Anyone else notice the quest board just below the chantry with seemingly no purpose?

It was active only the very first time. But there was no quest. Instead it triggered a dialogue. But I forgot with whom and about what... --Ladguru (talk) 15:29, September 11, 2010 (UTC)
It's a dialogue with Oghren...about a rash.
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