Amount of Favor for Loranil Edit

15 doesn't seem to be necessary to get Loranil at least on the X360. I did the following: Met the Dalish hunter Olafin as part of A Dalish Perspective & choosing the "I met one of your hunters" for +1 I talked to everyone in the camp, including Loranil, went to the Keeper and tried to get Loranil, which failed at that point obviously. Since I only had +1. Then I proceeded to: Complete A Well-Stocked Camp with all 5 items without leaving (+1 x5) leading to +6 total Completing Someone to Lose used "He was brave" for +2 leading to +8 total Complete The Golden Halla for +3 leading to +11 total Complete From the Beyond without touching any of the graves for +3 making +14 total When I went to talk to the Keeper to turn in From the Beyond, he kept talking after I turned it in (IE I didn't start another conversation with him) and stated that Loranil could go if he still wanted to.

I've not gone to the Emerlad Graves as of yet, and I only came to this location in order to buy schematics that are found in the elves possession. Because of that these were the only missions I'd bothered to complete in Exalted Plains simply because I saw the only way to get into trading was to get +8 favor and I decided to just go for getting Loranil since no one was getting any - or + Approval other than Cole and only in a single mission. Lastly since I didn't have Solas in my party I didn't want to go into the dungeon for Something to Prove because that's also Solas's personal quest dungeon. As such there is no way I could have obtained any other Dalish favors. (talk) 23:43, June 27, 2016 (UTC)

Golden Halla option Edit

The "A golden halla? Halan'ghilan?" special option was also available to me as a male human mage. Either it's unlocked by one of the lore perks or there are other alternative prerequisites instead of just being an elf. - Spinfx (talk) 00:24, March 14, 2018 (UTC)

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