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Glitch, can anyone clarify what happens? Edit

When I do this quest, the dialog where Carver says we should go tell Leandra immediately doesn't happen -- it skips straight to my response choice, every time. Does he say anything pertinent about what the will actually contains at this point? -- (talk) 17:44, July 4, 2012 (UTC)

Vault Door Locked Permanently Edit

I've played through DA:2, 3 times and I've never had this glitch happen before.

After eliminating all the enemies in the basement, i walked up to the vault door and it has a Locked symbol above it and when i click on it my char say's "that cannot be done".

So i re-trace my step's in case i missed something but there is nothing i haven't looted yet, everything's empty and there is nothing else to pick up or enemy to fight but i still can't open the door. It's permanently locked...

Can i continue and just never get my house or is this play-through screwed?

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