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Conflicting statsEdit

The "cooldown" field says "5s", the "effects" field says "Cooldown: 45s". Can someone check in-game and update the article? Sheltim (talk) 14:52, March 3, 2011 (UTC)

How to fix the short duration issue, for modders Edit

I'm leaving this here just in case someone might need it. This seems to affect the Haste and Barrier spells.

1. get pyGFF editor

2. extract abi_base.gda from 2da.rim (usually located in [DragonAge2]packages/core/data

3. open abi_base.gda with either pyGFF or GDApp.

4. find the entries for MAGE_CREATION_HASTE or MAGE_CREATION_FORCEFIELD (Barrier)

5. find the column type_category (30 for pyGFF)

6. replace 2 with 1. This should turn it into a talent, so magic resistance is not checked

7. save the file (and if you are using other mods that already include an abi_base.gda, delete all other entries that were left unchanged and save the file under a unique name such as abi_base_hfix.gda

8. drop the file into the usual mod folder for da2, i.e. Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age 2/packages/core/override/(subfolder with any name you like) --Buckeldemon (talk) 14:35, June 17, 2019 (UTC)

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