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Here's a fix fore the bug on Bioware's forums:

Hope this helps,


Geez, what a headache. I specifically didn't take it from the board because I thought the bandits wouldn't spawn, as I wanted to do it later. Really can't be arsed to download the toolset.

Category Edit

I added Category:Denerim-Side Quests to the list for this since it shows up in the journal as such and I find the category list a good way to check if all the quests I need to do have been found. --SwordMage 05:21, March 14, 2010 (UTC)

I'm having trouble. The only alley that shows up on the Denerim map is Rundown Alley (or whatever it's called). How do I get the other alleys to appear? I don't remember this on my first playthrough...

Additional Reward from Kylon? Edit

The walkthrough on the main page talks about an additional reward from Kylon, but I can't figure out how to get that.

After two successful remove-the-mercs tasks for Kylon, talking to him after the Crimson Oars quests causes him to banter something about having something for the Warden. If you then initiate conversation, he gives an additional gold reward for having helped clean up the Market District. Is this the bonus from Back Alley Justice or just a bonus for the two remove-the-mercs quests having been done to Kylon's satisfaction (e.g., using Persuade to get them to move peacefully)?

Grail Quest 07:57, November 5, 2011 (UTC)

RE the bug Edit

Sometime in the past I got hold of an editor called GFF, which I suspect is available on the web mod sites. Load the savegame file into the editor, search for den200pt_alley_justice, move to the journal active list that contains the found reference then delete that particular one from the list in the edit window. Save the game. That quest is not presently active so you need to go back to the cathedral and re-accept it, then go have a discussion with the gang again. No toolset required. (talk) 22:49, December 10, 2014 (UTC)

Actual Bug Fix Edit

It is great that people are providing links to the bug fix, but considering how unreliable the Bioware forums are (the links listed here and in the article are dead), I think we should detail the fix here. Note: I am not sure if this should be included in the article or not, so I will leave that up to others to decide. This fix is thanks to Vasquez1989 on the Bioware forums (posted December 15, 2009 on the now-dead forum), though this poster was only reposting the fix per his comment (I couldn't find out who to credit with the fix originally):

1- Download and install the toolset

2-Open the toolset

3-Click on File -> Open File

4-Search for the .das file of your latest savegame and open it. It should be something like My Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\Characters\YOURCHAR\Saves\Slot_X\YOURSAVENAME.das where, obviously, YOURCHAR is the name of your char, X is the slot that your last save is and YOURSAVENAME is the name you gave your save.

5-Click on SAVEGAME_CAMPAIGN -> SAVEGAME_JOURNAL -> SAVEGAME_JOURNAL_ACTIVE_LIST and a bunch of numbers will appear.

6-Check those numbers one by one until you find one that has the entry "den200pt_alley_justice".


8-Now, in game, open that save, go to the Denerim Chantry Board, remark the quest (It should be unmarked if you did everything right) and go searching for the guys you need to kill (the group of bandits witch wasn't registered by the quest before SHOULD show up. No guarantee, though.)

IMPORTANT: If you are having trouble installing the toolset on a modern system, check out my comment on that talk page. Also, in all of my testing, every single time this bug occurred, all you had to do after the above fix was go directly to the Dirty Back Alley, fight the thugs there, and return to the Denerim Market District. -- DeJuanNOnley (talk) 17:12, June 3, 2018 (UTC)

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