This page doesn't mention "inspiration" once. Maybe it should be renamed "Approval" and it could eventually list all the various actions that cause approval to go up or down, or is there more information on inspiration to come? Loleil 05:34, October 11, 2009 (UTC)

Please change the name to "Approval" if you think it is more suitable. There will be more information, but I am not sure whether the word "inspiration" will be there. -- Snfonseka

But the characters are "inspired" when you gift them. Hence the name. --Selty 06:54, October 11, 2009 (UTC)

The article currently doesn’t make that clear. If people would like to keep the title, maybe someone who can see the relevance could write a good opening sentence explaining why the term inspiration is used? Loleil 04:55, October 12, 2009 (UTC)

Good point. Perhaps I should move it to approval... --Selty 08:26, October 12, 2009 (UTC)

So is this a good place to begin cataloging the dialouge options possible for maximum approval effect? --TANKtr0n 00:32, January 2, 2010 (UTC)

I think so. You might want to check out individual quest pages and add the appropriate approval changes there too (The Hungry Deserter might give you an idea of how to format). Thanks for your interest :-). Loleil 01:38, January 2, 2010 (UTC)
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