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You can re-enter the keep to complete the quest if you missed Clue #1. Verified on PC Version with latest patch on 01-08-2010 (by --Tierrie 01:19, January 15, 2010 (UTC)

Just confirmed it on Xbox 360 with the latest patch on 19 February 2010. Is this article-worthy? Nosferatu13X 02:25, February 20, 2010 (UTC)

Re-enter after finishing Soldier's Peak? Edit

I finished Soldier's Peak but still got this Quest in my Quest Log. Is it still possible to re-enter at the point where I have access to my Party Chest and so on? All I forgot was loot the cache.

Non-harmful GlitchEdit

When battling the demons while Avernus repaired the veil, my xbox was having the delay between creature 0hp and confirmed death (it took almost a minute after I killed Sophia for Avernus to say "lets go"), I took the extra time to finish off the quest and pick up Asturian's Might and the other loot (not that I needed it, but might as well be productive while I'm waiting). After defeating the demons and determining Avernus's fate, I was walking out when I noticed the picture was shimmery again. I clicked on it, and was able to recite the oath again. The chest reemerged, and there was nothing in it. It had already stated that the quest was finished when I picked it up earlier. Just noting the glitch so other people don't have to worry if this happens to them.

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