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Sources Edit

I tried to find some more behind the scenes info on the Alamarri, and what do I find? Several tabletop RPG - type of websites where a lot of the info is word by word identical to the article on our wiki. Now, this made me call the content within into question, as I question the validity of it. I don't know whether the data came from some official source, or if it was made up by a talented fan fiction writer. Unless someone can show me the source to what is listed as "player guide", I will have to remove a lot of things from the article, sadly. Henio0 (talk) 12:09, April 21, 2013 (UTC)

Parallels to feudal JapanEdit

I just can't see the relevance of trivia that compares the Alamarri with feudal Japan, especially given that Thedas is not based from Asian history. Yes there are similarities, but then as an anonymous user pointed out, there are many other examples of waring warlords being united throughout history.

"The clan leaders, known as daimyo - the Japanese counterpart of banns, fought with each other until Minamoto Yoritomo gathered army large enough to seize power. Just like Hafter became the first Teyrn, Yorimoto became the first shogun."

Well, the Scots clan leaders fought with each other until Robert the Bruce gathered a large enough army to seize power and become King. Or closer to Fereldon, the Germanic kingdoms of England fought among each other until Alfred the Great and Æthelstan gathered strong enough armies to become the first King of the Anglo-Saxons and first King of the English respectively. Given the sudden collapse of the west Roman Empire there are also many other examples of these in Europe; the Franks and Spanish for example. I don't deny the similarities, but I seriously doubt feudal Japan was BioWare's inspiration for the Alamarri. This is why I have removed the triva. Alexsau1991 (talk page) 20px 15:43, May 12, 2013 (UTC)

You are likely right on the German relation given that its is very similar to the Alamanni which was a confederation of Germanic tribes. I mean look at the similarities in the name even.--Isle DS (talk) 21:03, February 23, 2015 (UTC)


The version of Maferath's fall presented here doesn't match with that of World of Thedas, or the "Not of Heroes" codex entries. Both agree Maferath parcelled out his lands to his sons, and the idea that his sons killed him seems to be against the implication of these texts. I don't know what the source is currently.--User:Skittles the hog

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