Tainted Blood is a main quest which requires the Warden to provide the materials needed for the mysterious Joining Ritual of the Grey Wardens. To proceed in the Joining, Duncan tasks his recruits (and Alistair) with gathering three vials of darkspawn blood from the Korcari Wilds.

Walkthrough Edit

Note: Although it's possible to sell Daveth and Jory's equipment before initiating the Joining, their armor and weapons are transferred to the Warden's inventory after the Joining, anyway.

Result Edit

  • If you have also found the Grey Wardens' Cache and retrieved the Ancient Treaties, you are now ready for the Joining ritual.
  • You, Daveth, and Ser Jory will be taken to the ruined temple (where you first met Alistair) and put through the Joining.
  • You will be rewarded with XP and an additional spell or talent.
  • Duncan will ask you to follow him to meet with King Cailan, and you will receive the quest After the Joining.

Bugs Edit

See Exploits for information about an infinite experience bug in some versions of the game.

Trivia Edit

  • Ser Jory is equipped with a longsword during the Joining cutscene, no matter what he is equipped with before the scene, and even if he is stripped of all weapons. After the cutscene, this longsword will be added to the inventory along with the rest of his equipment.
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