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== Acquisition ==
== Acquisition ==
* Looted upon sealing a [[Fade rift]] in the [[Frostback Basin]].{{Note|Requires [[Jaws of Hakkon]] [[Downloadable content (Inquisition)|DLC]].}}
=== ''[[Jaws of Hakkon]]'' ===
* Looted upon sealing a [[Fade rift]] in the [[Frostback Basin]].
== Upgrades ==
== Upgrades ==

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Swift Greataxe is a unique greataxe from the Jaws of Hakkon DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition.


Jaws of Hakkon


Comes with:

Master Dragon-Slaying Rune icon Master Dragon-Slaying Rune (+32 AoE Damage vs. Dragons)

Random Upgrades

Can be found with:

DAI-rare-pommel-icon1 Masterwork Bladed Pommel (+12 Strength)
DAI-hafticon1-common Solid Two-Handed Haft (Level 23) (+8 Cunning)
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