During the Human Noble Origin, the player character has an opportunity for seduction. This quest begins with the successful propositioning of either Iona or Dairren, and ends with the chosen lover's death as Howe Treachery begins. Note that both characters are open to an intimate rendezvous with either gender.

Walkthrough Edit

After the initial conversation with Teyrna Eleanor Cousland and her three guests (Lady Landra, her son Dairren, and her lady-in-waiting Iona), you may find Iona and Dairren in the study for further conversation, including the opportunity for flirtation and seduction.

  • At least two flirtatious dialogue choices must be selected before an invitation to physical intimacy will be successful. (See Iona's article for additional information on seducing her.)
  • While you are free to flirt with both Dairren and Iona, only one may be successfully invited to your bedroom. Inviting the other after one has accepted will result in the second's refusal.

Result Edit

Reward: 100 XP

Either Iona or Dairren joins the main character in bed that night. She/He will be awakened by Dog's forceful barking, get up and open the door to investigate, and be instantly killed by Arl Howe's men as Howe Treachery begins.

At this point the appropriate version of the quest will be logged in the "Completed Quests" section of the player's Journal.

Bugs Edit

The final Journal entry for "Sweet Iona" will sometimes be inaccurately listed as "Iona has decided against joining you later."

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