Ah, it's you again. Or at least I think it is. You all look the same to me.

Senior Enchanter Sweeney is a vision impaired Senior Enchanter at one of Ferelden's Circle of Magi.

Involvement Edit

A Magi Warden can ask Senior Enchanter Sweeney to sign the Rod of Fire Request Form to obtain a Rod of Fire from Owain. If you are nice to Sweeney and with sufficient Coercion, Sweeney will sign the form for you; he will request that once you get the rod of fire, you burn a fellow mage who is harassing him, as a joke. He may also ask you to burn a templar who patrols the library, who always gives him the "stink-eye".

Quotes Edit

  • Sweeney: "Such cheek! Why, in my day, junior mages wouldn't dare say such things to an older mage. If they did, it was an hour in the freezy chair."
  • Warden: "Freezy chair?"
  • Sweeney: "Pure steel it was. Someone would cast a cold spell on it and strap you to it without your trousers on. I miss the freezy chair."
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