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“Ah, it's you again. Or at least I think it is. You all look the same to me.”

Senior Enchanter Sweeney is a vision-impaired Senior Enchanter of Ferelden's Circle of Magi.


A Magi Warden can ask Senior Enchanter Sweeney to sign the Rod of Fire Request Form to obtain a Rod of Fire from Owain. If you are nice to Sweeney and with sufficient Coercion, Sweeney will sign the form for you; he will request that once you get the rod of fire, you burn a fellow mage who is harassing him, as a joke. He may also ask you to burn a templar who patrols the library, who always gives him the "stink-eye".

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

It is likely that he became an abomination or died defending the Tower, as he is not seen during or after the events of the Broken Circle quest.


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  • Sweeney: "Such cheek! Why, in my day, junior mages wouldn't dare say such things to an older mage. If they did, it was an hour in the freezy chair."
  • Warden: "Freezy chair?"
  • Sweeney: "Pure steel it was. Someone would cast a cold spell on it and strap you to it without your trousers on. I miss the freezy chair."


Several lines of dialogue in the game files indicate that Sweeney has a family. To trigger these files (without a mod) you must have tried to get Sweeney to sign the form, and get rejected. Then talk to Jowan "Jowan, I need this form stamped. What should I do?", then he and Lily then will talk about Sweeney and his family. After that you can then speak to Sweeny again and the "I heard about your family" option will appear and you can hear about his family more. These seem to be in backwards order; hence why they seem somewhat hidden.

  • Jowan: "Sweeney was married to a non-mage. His children came here a few years ago to take him home. They wanted him to live out his remaining years surrounded by family. The templars turned them down flat. They thought an old mage who might not have full control over his faculties was a danger."
  • Sweeney: "Spending time with the family is nice. I get to see them when they visit on Andraste’s Day. But honestly, I’m used to being here. Nothing wrong with it. At my age, you don’t like moving around much."