For the war table operation, see Sutherland and Company Missing (operation).

Sutherland and Company Missing is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The location of Sutherland's company has been revealed and swift action is required if the young group is to be found.

Acquisition Edit

Unlocked upon completion of the war table operation Sutherland and Company Missing.

Note: Once this quest is active, it must be completed the next time the Storm Coast is visited. If the area is left before saving Sutherland and his crew, the quest is moved to Completed Quests in the journal, and it will say it is no longer available.

Walkthrough Edit

Travel to the Storm Coast and locate Sutherland and company in the Westridge region, roughly in the same area as one of the tunnels from Keeping the Darkspawn Down and a Wardens of the Coast camp. Assist them in defeating a small group of darkspawn to complete the quest. Speak to Sutherland for a bit of dialogue.

Rewards Edit

  • None (except XP from killing the darkspawn)

Results Edit

Notes Edit

  • If completed properly, the quest doesn't appear in Completed Quests in the journal.
  • If you are also on the Demands of the Qun quest, do not take Iron Bull with you to the Storm Coast. Demands of the Qun will trigger as soon as you enter, and after you are done with it, Sutherland and Company Missing will disappear. If you look it up under Completed Quests/The Storm Coast, it says "The quest is no longer available".
  • As for many other quests on the Storm Coast, Blackwall DAIApproval slightly approves after killing the darkspawn, if brought along.

Bugs Edit

  • The quest can bug, and a single or all of the Darkspawn be rendered unkillable. The reason for the bug is unknown, but a possible cause may be attacking the Darkspawn from a distance before Sutherland and his crew speak their scripted lines. However, reloading from a previous save or the entirety of the Storm Coast, and proceeding to attempt the quest normally can fix the problem. It can also be fixed via commands on the PC, but users of the console versions will have to try the reload methods. Possibly several times, as the bug sometimes is loaded along with the area, making it impossible to know it's there until you see it. Fortunately all of Sutherland's crew cannot die.
    • Once you save on the bugged version, however, you cannot backtrack, as the bug is saved as well.
    • pcIcon pcxbox360Icon xbox360 The bugged Darkspawn could be killed with Mark of the Rift.
  • On completing the War Table mission, the quest does not appear. If you go to the Storm Coast and come back, you will only find Shayd there. She will inform you that the rest is dead and it was good while it lasted. To fix this bug you need to reload right before the war table mission is complete.
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