For the quest, see Sutherland and Company Missing (quest).

Sutherland and Company Missing is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition. It is Part VII in the operation chain.


This operation becomes available following the A Crew of Adventurers operation (Part VI) and speaking to Sutherland's squire, Rat, in Herald's Rest tavern.

Operation text Edit

A hastily written report in Cullen's hand:

The map brought by this "Rat" gives a general area, but it will require significant investment to narrow the location of the missing group. The squire was clear that Sutherland and company are in dire need and commitment must be swift.

Advisor suggestionsEdit

Josephine - 8:00:00 Edit

Dire this may be, but if we present it as a hunt, we'll have every noble from here to Orlais on their trail.

Leliana - 8:00:00 Edit

I've a rookery full of black wings ready to signal a search.

Cullen - 6:24:00 Edit

Need I say it? March. Numbers will flush them out.


All advisors Edit

The last trail of Sutherland and company found and mapped! On your action, Inquisitor. If they need assistance, you're in the best position to render it.


All advisors Edit


  • The operation will not trigger if What Pride Had Wrought is completed first. This occurs even when the Sutherlands operations chain is started postgame.
  • If this operation is in progress and What Pride Had Wrought is started, this operation will disappear from the map and the advisor will be unavailable for the remainder of the operation time. It will reappear when it is complete, however.
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