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Supplier is an achievement in Dragon Age II, which is obtained by discovering every crafting resource in game during the three acts.

This achievement is particularly difficult because if the act is finished without one of the materials, then it is impossible to complete. Also, if you fail to recruit and keep Isabela through Act 3 (i.e make her friend or rival >75% before To Catch a Thief), her Act 3 side quest will be unavailable to you, removing your access to Ambrosia and preventing you from getting the achievement. In a similar way, you must keep Anders around as you need to go on a sidequest with him in Act 3 or you will fall one Deep Mushroom short of the achievement. A willingness to go on side quests with Merrill will also be required, in particular for but not limited to Felandaris in Act 3.

Purchasing crafting resources at the Black Emporium counts toward this achievement, as the achievement fires when the player's resource count equals 66, no matter the source. According to BioWare, however, there is currently a bug associated with purchasing at the Emporium: if two or more crafting resources of the same variety are available for purchase (e.g., a stack of elfroots), then all purchased resources of that variety will only count as one, even if purchased one at a time. [1] Note that you can only purchase crafting resources missed in previous acts, so even with the Black Emporium you will still need Isabela, Merrill and Anders available in Act 3 to get the Supplier achievement. ( sept 29 2011, black emporium purchases still bugged...)( doesnt count towards total.) Here is the complete list of locations of each of the crafting materials needed for the achievement. At the end is a summary of resource counts you should have at the end of each act.

Crafting resources

Act 1

1The Bone PitElfrooton the far south east end of the map
1Bone Pit MinesThe Bone PitDeep Mushroomup the first set of stairs after killing the third group of dragonlings
1Bone Pit MinesThe Bone PitLyriumin the main area when you first enter, look for it on the north west side of the big open area after killing the dragon and a handful of dragonlings
1DarktownDeathrooton the south end of the map near the door to the sewers
1Dead Man's PassBlackpowder PromiseEmbriumat the corner where the four paths meet
1The Deep RoadsThe Deep Roads ExpeditionDeep Mushroomto the left side of the stairs in the first room where you face Darkspawn
1The Deep RoadsThe Deep Roads ExpeditionDeep Mushroomto the left of the entrance of the second room (where you fight the Emissary)
1The Deep RoadsThe Deep Roads ExpeditionLyriumwhere you find Sandal
1The Deep RoadsThe Deep Roads ExpeditionLyriumin the room before the stairs leading up to the room with the Ogre
1The Deep RoadsThe Deep Roads ExpeditionSilveritein the pit where you fight the Monstrous Spider
1The Deep RoadsThe Deep Roads ExpeditionOrichalcumin the Primeval Ruins, at the top of the stairs in the first room after reaching the abandoned Thaig (where you fight the first golem)
1Disused PassageDeathrootin the second rectangular room (the one without the flame trap)
1LowtownSpindleweedin the side-street between the two eastern exits during daytime
1Runaways' CavernAct of MercyLyriumwest of where you meet Alain
1SanctuaryEnemies Among UsDeathrooton the right past the first group of shades
1Slaver CavernsWayward SonDeep Mushroomin the back of the cave up on the platform in the first room
1Slaver CavernsWayward SonSpindleweedbehind the mine cart near the entrance
1SundermountDeep Mushroomin the graveyard just before the altar on the mountain path
1SundermountElfrootin the loop to the left between the entrance and the Dalish Camp
1SundermountElfrootbehind the clump of stone in the first clearing up the mountain path (where the Dalish hunter insults Merrill)
1Sundermount Ambush SiteThe Way It Should BeElfrooton the west side of the looping southern trail
1Sundermount CavernsSilveritenext to the door in the fire pit room just after the entrance
1Tal-Vashoth CavernBlackpowder PromiseLyriumOn the eastern side of the map. Go through the first 3 doors, follow the tracks and then go down the stairs on the left.
1Tal-Vashoth CavernBlackpowder PromiseSilveriteThrough the first 3 doors, follow the tracks and then up the stairs.
1Vimmark Mountain PassShepherding WolvesSilverite
1The Wounded CoastGlitterdustat the end of the south-pointing dead end on the extreme northeast side of the map.
1The Wounded CoastElfrooton the south side of the north path just past that first northeast clearing
1The Wounded CoastElfrootat the dead end on the far west of the map
1The Wounded CoastSpindleweedon the path to the northeastern clearing

Act 2

2Bone Pit MinesCave CrawlingLyrium up the stairs to the South of the entrance.
2The Bone PitDeathrooton the right near the entrance
2The Bone PitGlitterdustin front of the second mine entrance toward the east
2Rotting CaveForbidden KnowledgeLyriumBone pits, in the cave where you find the evil tome.
2Dank CaveForbidden KnowledgeLyriumto the right of the stairs just after exiting the narrow hall
2DarktownDeathrootnext to the stairs in the pit before Anders' clinic
2Gallows DungeonDissentSpindleweedthrough the door on the left at the entrance
2Gallows DungeonDissentDeep Mushroomin the first clearing where you fight the spiders
2Holding CavesA Bitter PillGlitterdustnear where the four paths meet
2Holding CavesA Bitter PillEmbriumon the west (high) path near the start
2The Killer's LairAll That RemainsOrichalcumabout halfway through. In the first narrow-ish corridor-like section after the large initial room.
2LowtownSpindleweedin the dead end behind the armor merchant (daytime)
2Smuggler's CutBlackpowder CourtesySilveritenear the exit to the wilderness
2Smuggler's CutBlackpowder CourtesyDeep MushroomIn the southernmost of the two dead end areas curling off of the west side of the big loop just south of the Wilderness exit
2SundermountGlitterdustaround the first bend on the way up the mountain path
2SundermountElfrootin the stone ruin on the low path past the Dalish Camp
2SundermountEmbriumon the upper path (above the cave pass), on the right side of the revenant clearing
2Sundermount CavernsSilveriteIn the first room, in the small path on your west
2Sundermount CavernsOrichalcumIn the main room (after the campfire room) on your left in a cove.
2Sundermount CavernsOrichalcumIn the main room, up the stairs and on your left in a cove.
2Varterral Hunting GroundMirror ImageOrichalcuma little less than halfway through, at the bottom of a short stair, on a plateau to the left.
2Varterral Hunting GroundMirror ImageGlitterdustafter the orichalcum down the stairs and to the left.
2Varterral Hunting GroundMirror ImageDeep Mushroomup the stairs and to the left from the large open room where you fight the Varterral
2The Wounded CoastElfrootabout halfway down the east-west path on the south side (a little past the first Raiders)
2The Wounded CoastEmbriumon the south path en route to the Raiders on the Cliffs quest.
2The Wounded CoastEmbriumon the north path where it slopes up to the right

Act 3

3The Bone PitMine MassacreDragon's Bloodcollected from the High Dragon's corpse
3Castillon's LandingNo Rest for the WickedAmbrosiain a box in the upstairs office
3Drakestone MinesJusticeDeep MushroomOn the north side of the first room down the stairs from the entrance (looking for Drakestone).
3DarktownDeathrooton the south end past the giant wheel
3LowtownSpindleweedDaytime, next to the stairs in the Foundry District
3Pride's EndA New PathFelandarisright to the right of Audacity's statue
3SundermountGlitterduston the ledge just prior to the dead-end clearing at the top of the upper mountain path (It is right before the "travel down the mountain" if you've already done Merrill's side quest. if not, its on the little curve off the path before the entrance to cave of her mission)
3Sundermount CavernsLyrium First room after entrance on your left
3Sundermount CavernsOrichalcum On the left in the second room. Where you fight the Shades & Spiders
3The Wounded CoastElfrootjust past the mine cart on the southern path
3The Wounded CoastEmbriumto the left just short of the far western exit


End of Act 1- Summary

Before the Deep Roads Expedition

Poisons and Bombs: Deep Mushroom 3/9, Deathroot 3/6, Glitterdust 1/6, Felandaris 0/1
Runes: Lyrium 3/9, Silverite 3/6, Orichalcum 0/6, Dragon's Blood 0/1
Potions: Elfroot 6/9, Spindleweed 3/6, Embrium 1/6, Ambrosia 0/1

After the Deep Roads Expedition

Poisons and Bombs: Deep Mushroom 5/9, Deathroot 3/6, Glitterdust 1/6, Felandaris 0/1
Runes: Lyrium 5/9, Silverite 4/6, Orichalcum 1/6, Dragon's Blood 0/1
Potions: Elfroot 6/9, Spindleweed 3/6, Embrium 1/6, Ambrosia 0/1

End of Act 2 - Summary

Poisons and Bombs: Deep Mushroom 8/9, Deathroot 5/6, Glitterdust 5/6, Felandaris 0/1
Runes: Lyrium 8/9, Silverite 6/6, Orichalcum 5/6, Dragon's Blood 0/1
Potions: Elfroot 8/9, Spindleweed 5/6, Embrium 5/6, Ambrosia 0/1


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