Sundermount Ambush Site is a section of the path leading to Sundermount which has recently been the site of a streak of strangely effective ambushes targeting Kirkwall City Guard members. It is only accessible during the Act 1 quest The Way It Should Be.

Quests Edit

Quest icon DA2 The Way It Should Be

Notable items Edit

Elfroot DA2 Elfroot - located on the western side of the southern looping passage
Mountains 2 map (DA2)

Map of the area

Containers Edit

  • Chest - Located near the south-western corner of the southern loop.
  • Pile of Bones (x4) - One is located in each of the four dead-end passages.

Special objects Edit

  • Simple Trap (x2) - 10 cunning required, awards 50 XP per disarm
  • Standard Trap (x3) - 20 cunning required, awards 100 XP per disarm
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