Kirkwall is guarded by mountains to its north, the tallest of which is Sundermount. The mountain has a fearsome reputation. Legend says it was the site of a vicious battle where the ancient Tevinter Imperium and the Arlathan elves unleashed horrors into the waking world, and unholy creatures prowl the heights to this very day, unaware that the war for which they were summoned is long since over.[1] A clan of Dalish Elves have settled here, led by their Keeper, Marethari, and it is here that Hawke completed the task set by the Witch of the Wilds, Flemeth.

Crafting Resources

Here are the resources in this area for the Supplier achievement:

Act 1

  • Deep Mushroom (Dragon Age II) in the graveyard just before the altar on the mountain path.
  • Silverite in the caverns during Long Way Home, next to the door in the firepit room just after the entrance.
  • Elfroot (Dragon Age II) (2) One is in the loop to the left between the entrance and the Dalish Camp, one is behind the clump of stone in the first clearing up the mountain path (where the Dalish hunter insults Merrill)

Act 2

  • Glitterdust around the first bend on the way up the mountain path.
  • Silverite in Sundermount Passage.
  • Orichalcum (2) in Sundermount Passage.
  • Elfroot in the stone ruin on the low path past the Dalish Camp.
  • Embrium in the Sundermount Graveyard (through the passage), on the right side after the revenant clearing (where the rite takes place at in Long Way Home).

Act 3

  • Glitterdust on the ledge just prior to the dead-end clearing at the top of the upper mountain path (It is right before the "travel down the mountain" if you've already done Merrill's side quest. If not, its on the little curve off the path before the entrance to cave of her mission)
  • Lyrium (crafting resource) in Sundermount Cavern.
  • Orichalcum in Sundermount Cavern.



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