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Six suits of armor can be seen displayed in Redcliffe Castle, in the room adjacent to the main hall. The displayed armors become possessed by demons when disturbed.


These suits of armor are encountered during the Arl of Redcliffe questline, they are armed with a sword and shield and possess advanced Champion talents. They only become hostile when a member of the Warden's party walks midway through the room that they are situated in. The suits cannot be targeted or damaged prior to them becoming hostile.


The Arl of Redcliffe The Arl of Redcliffe


Redcliffe Castle Redcliffe Castle

Abilities & Skills[]

Rally Rally (with Motivate)
War Cry War Cry (with Superiority)
Shield Bash Shield Bash
Assault Assault


Sentinel Guardian


  • A lighting burst runs through each suit when they are activated. The exact same lighting activates the Sentinels.
  • While technically golem-like constructs, the suits of armor will still leak blood when killed, due to the game counting them as humans.
  • As they obviously have huge armor rating, abilities like Sunder Armor and Shattering Shot are extremely useful against them.
  • Suits of armor can be frozen/petrified, but are immune to shattering.
  • Even if the Warden defeats them all, they will be put back onto their stands after they deal with Connor situation.
  • If Ser Perth and the other Redcliffe Knights entered the castle with the Warden, they will assist in battling the Suits of Armor if the suits are lured towards the Front Hall.