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Strength of Stone is a rogue talent from the Legionnaire Scout specialization in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.


  • Duration: 15s.
  • Grants immunity to damage. All physical resistance checks always succeed.
  • Blessing of the Ancestors adds immunity to both hostile and friendly spells.
  • Conjuration time: 1s.


  • Immunity includes friendly fire from spells, talents, grenades, and other effects.
  • Activating Strength of Stone will deactivate Endure Hardship.
  • If Endure Hardship is activated while Strength of Stone's effects are still active, Endure Hardship's "stamina shield" effect will override Strength of Stone's damage immunity, i.e. incoming damage will deplete stamina instead of being completely nullified.
  • In regard to Stealth, this talent's immunity will give protection from impact damage of AoE spells/talents, so the rogue will be able to maintain stealth. However, damage-over-time effects, or secondary effects like knockdown or stun, will break stealth.
  • This talent grants the "damage ward" effect (immunity to damage), which completely negates Overwhelm. Overwhelm attempts simply fail.


  • According to the code, this ability seems to be intended to grant immunity to knockdown, stun, and slip effects, just like Indomitable. However, the code checks whether this ability is active or not, as if it were a modal, which it is not. This means these immunities do not actually work. However, the "damage ward' effect granted by this ability enables all physical resistance checks to automatically succeed, with an "Immune!" feedback message. A status effect that does not allow a resistance check, such as knockdown from a Revenant's Pull or a High Dragon's Massive Attack, will be applied normally.

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