Storvacker is Stone-Bear Hold's Hold-Beast.


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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

When the Inquisitor first talks to Svarah Sun-Hair they can discover that Storvacker is missing. If the Inquisitor continues their investigation they uncover that Storvacker has been abducted by the Jaws of Hakkon. After she is freed, Storvacker returns to the hold.

After completing Storvacker Caged, Hakkon Wintersbreath, and Guests of the Hold, the Inquisitor is asked to judge Storvacker since as a warrior of Stone-Bear Hold, she should have died rather than submit to the vile rituals of the Jaws of Hakkon. Since it is unclear if The Augur or the thane should judge the Hold-Beast in this matter, Svarah Sun-Hair defers to the Inquisitor. The Inquisitor can deprive the bear of treats for a week, humorously sentence it to recount its faults and have it told to it for a week, declare the trial itself as punishment enough, or recruit it. For mages, there is an option of using the Rite of Tranquility, but the Avvar leader quickly refuses the idea as a sentence. Recruiting her opens the Too Grizzly To Bear war table mission.

If recruited, she becomes an agent under Cullen.

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