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The Stormchaser armor set is a heavy armor item set in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

This armor was made for a templar ordered to capture an apostate fond of lightning.


  • It is also very useful for tank builds that concentrate on evading damage rather than absorbing it, since it adds to defense and dexterity.


Name Armor
Fatigue Runes Enhancements Notes
Stormchaser Helm
White Steel
Requires: 42 strength
3.38 3.38% 0 +6 defense
+15 mental resistance
+10% electricity resistance
Found in a crate beyond the soldier who sends you on the quest A Medical Necessity when initially arriving at Vigil's Keep.
Stormchaser Mail
White Steel
Requires: 42 strength
16.88 21.00% 3 +3 defense
+1 armor
+10% electricity resistance
Sold by Yuriah in Vigil's Keep - Throne Room for 18Gold 84Silver 0Bronze.
Stormchaser Gauntlets
Volcanic Aurum
Requires: 48 strength
3.00 3.06% 0 +4 dexterity
+6 defense
+3 armor
+30% electricity resistance
+2/+4 stamina regeneration in combat
Sold by Herren in Vigil's Keep.
Stormchaser Boots
White Steel
Requires: 42 strength
3.38 3.38% 0 +4 dexterity
+3 defense
+5% electricity resistance
Found on a dead templar's body at the Turnoble Estate during Far Afield.
Set bonus 0.00 0.00% 0 +25% electricity resistance