The Storm Coast is a region in Ferelden located in the north western portion of the country. requires 8 power to unlock area


The Storm Coast is a sparsely-populated stretch of shoreline along the Waking Sea. Ancient dwarven ruins—abandoned since the Divine Age—still line the coast, their architects long forgotten.


Note: The western portion of the region is accessible only through a gate that is locked until the Red Water quest is acquired (this, in turn, requires the completion of the Red Templars on the Storm Coast mission from the War Table). The gate in question is found north-north-west of Driftwood Margin Camp.


  • Apostate's Landing
  • Dragon Island
  • Driftwood Margin
  • Great Cove
  • Hessarian Camp
  • Long River
  • Morrin's Outlook
  • Small Grove
  • Storm's Solitude
  • Waterfall Cave


Quest icon DAI A Glowing Key
Quest icon DAI Antivenom Requisition on the Coast
Quest icon DAI Cleaning House
Quest icon DAI Holding the Storm Coast
Quest icon DAI Iron Survey on the Coast
Quest icon DAI Keeping the Darkspawn Down
Quest icon DAI Memories of the Grey
Mercy’s Crest Requisition
Quest icon DAI Red Water
Quest icon DAI Rifts on the Coast
Quest icon DAI Rift at the Falls
Salvage Requisition at the Coast
Quest icon DAI Sutherland and Company Missing
Quest icon DAI The Captain of the Chargers
Quest icon DAI Vigilance on the Coast
Quest icon DAI Wardens of the Coast

Notable items

  • Logging stand in the valley west of the Driftwood Margin Camp
  • Quarry in the valley north of the cave leading to the Lyrium Falls
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