The Storm Age is the seventh named Age in the history of Thedas.


  • 7:23 Storm: the Qunari are pushed back to Seheron and Rivain, but they are well entrenched.
The Battle of the Nocen Sea is the largest naval engagement in history and results in a stalemate and the destruction of many of the ships on both sides.
With both sides exhausted, an impasse begins.
  • 7:25–7:85 Storm: The New Exalted Marches are declared, by both the Imperial Chantry - to retake Seheron and the eastern city of Qarinus - and the Chantry - to retake Rivain.
During the Exalted Marches, Orlais manages to steal Tome of Koslun from the Qunari.
The first New Exalted March takes place in 7:25 Storm.
  • 7:28 Storm: A dragon cult following the rampage of the High Dragon Urzara devastates the northern Free Marches until the dragon is slain by a group of militia men.
  • 7:34 Storm: Archon Nomaran is elected directly from the ranks of the enchanters. He overturns the old rules forbidding mages from taking part in Tevinter politics.[1]
  • 7:44 Storm: The newly crowned emperor of Orlais, Freyan, allows women to become knights, after being previously the witness of the death of Ser Aveline, the Knight of Orlais.
  • 7:52 Storm: The second New Exalted March is a disaster, as the Qunari capture much of Antiva.
  • 7:56 Storm: The Qunari, although on the retreat, manage to gain a foothold in the Free Marches by landing near Ostwick and launching assaults against Starkhaven and Kirkwall. Starkhaven prevails, but Kirkwall falls to the sorceries of the Saarebas in a daring night-time raid and is occupied until the end of the Third New Exalted March.
  • 7:84 Storm: By the end of the Third New Exalted March, the Qunari are pushed back to only the city of Kont-aar in northern Rivain, and Par Vollen.
By then, rebuilding all the destruction caused was considered more important than trying to dislodge the Qunari from Kont-aar once again. A meeting between envoys of all the human lands (except for Tevinter) and the Qunari at Llomerryn results in the signing of the Llomerryn Accord and peace being declared.
Peace is not established between Tevinter Imperium and the Qunari. Though skirmishes are few while the Qunari pull back to Par Vollen and rebuild.
  • 7:99 Storm: The Storm Age ends.


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