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The Storm Age (7:00–7:99)[note] is the seventh named Age in the history of Thedas.

Divine Hortensia III names the next age Storm, expecting a "storm of violence" to come upon Thedas.[1]


Arland is considered by many to be a tyrant. Banns approach Sophia, asking her to intercede. She accepts and attempts a coup against her cousin using the Grey Wardens. After the bloody Battle of Soldier's Peak, Arland declares himself victorious with Sophia killed. The Grey Wardens are expelled from Ferelden and Soldier's Peak is abandoned.[2][3]
  • 7:23 Storm: The Qunari are pushed back to Seheron and Rivain where they entrench themselves. In the next engagement between the Qunari and the rest of Thedas - called the Battle of the Nocen Sea - many ships are destroyed on both sides, leading to a stalemate. It is considered the largest naval battle in history.[4][5]
During the Exalted Marches, Orlais manages to steal the Tome of Koslun from the Qunari.[citation needed]
  • 7:28 Storm: A dragon cult following the rampage of the High Dragon Urzara devastates the northern Free Marches until the dragon is slain by a group of militia men.[7]
  • 7:52 Storm: The second New Exalted March ends in great failure, as the Qunari conquer much of Antiva.[4][6]
  • 7:54 Storm: The island of Estwatch is captured by the Qunari, who use its port to launch dreadnought fleets.[10]
  • 7:55 Storm: Pirates from Llomerryn unite under the banner of the Felicisima Armada and engage in the naval battles against the Qunari, helping turn the tide of the conflict at sea.[10]
A third Exalted March on the Qunari is called.[11]
  • 7:56 Storm: The Qunari, although on the retreat, manage to gain a foothold in the Free Marches by landing near Ostwick and launching assaults against Starkhaven and Kirkwall. Starkhaven prevails, but Kirkwall falls to the sorceries of the Saarebas in a daring night-time raid and is occupied for several years.[11][12]
  • 7:75 Storm: Battle of Afsaana is fought between Orlesian and Qunari forces.[15]
  • 7:78 Storm: The Felicisima Armada wins a major naval battle against the Qunari and retakes Estwatch.[16][17]
  • 7:84 Storm: By the end of the Third New Exalted March, the Qunari have only one stronghold left on the continent: the city of Kont-aar.[4][16]
By then, rebuilding is viewed as more important than trying to dislodge the Qunari from Kont-aar. Envoys of all the human lands (except for Tevinter) and the Qunari meet at the neutral port of Llomerryn. The talks result in a declaration of peace and signing of the Llomerryn Accord. There is no truce between Tevinter Imperium and the Qunari.[19]
7:97 Storm: As Emperor Etienne I remains childless, he forces his second wife, Sotiria Pentaghast, to join a cloister so he can marry his mistress, Yvette. Nevarra sends soldiers into Orlais, but only to retrieve the princess; they do not start a war with the empire. Sotiria later marries a minor Orlesian noble by the name of Gustav LaFleur, and adopts his son as her own. He becomes known as Aurelian Pentaghast.[18]
  • 7:99 Storm: The end of war with the Qunari and the birth of twin boys, Reville and Gratien, to Emperor Etienne I of Orlais and his wife Yvette usher in the Blessed Age.[4][22]


  • The "Ages" description in Dragon Age: The World of Thedas Volume 1 page 21, erroneously describes every age starting with year 1 and ending with year 99, claiming the Glory Age took place between 2:1-2:99, the Towers Age between 3:1-3:99 etc. This is directly contradicted in the timeline within the same book, which cites the existence of 3:00 Towers, 4:00 Black, and 9:00 Dragon. Such a system would result in each age lasting ninety-nine years, not one hundred.
  • According to Levi Dryden, after Arland's death, Ferelden endured a civil war which lasted for ten years, but the exact date of that event is unknown.