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Store Signs

Store signs in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Stores or shops are locations where goods and services are exchanged. Customers can purchase the wares or stock of a retailer or sell in lower prices some of their own stock. In Dragon Age universe there are several stores and shops that can be encountered, however the ones found in Kirkwall are simple stands and are usually outdoors and in the open. It is not known if that's a cultural characteristic of the Free Marches.

Furthermore, the stores located in infamous places are sometimes illegal or they contain illegal stock.

Dragon Age: Origins Edit

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Wade's Emporium sign

Sign outside Wade's Emporium

  • Alimar's Emporium: A store located at the Dust Town which is owned and operated by Alimar. Its existence as well as the practices in which it is run, are illegal.

Dragon Age II Edit

Weapon Shop

A typical stand with merchandise in Kirkwall.

  • Armor Stand: A stand selling armors found in Kirkwall's Lowtown. Its name changes to "Armor Merchant" during Act 2 and "Armor Store" during Act 3.

The Black Emporium Edit

Mark of the Assassin Edit

Dragon Age: Inquisition Edit

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The Black Emporium Edit

Jaws of Hakkon Edit

The Descent Edit

Trespasser Edit

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