For the storage in Origins and Awakening, see Party Storage Chest.
For the storage in Dragon Age: Inquisition, see Storage.

The Storage Chest is a unique chest in Dragon Age II that can be used to store an infinite amount of equipment. It never resets, and chest contents are automatically transferred between acts and locations.

Location Edit

Act 1 Edit

It is located in Gamlen's House beside the Writing Desk and Leandra Amell.

Acts 2–3 Edit

The storage chest is located on the first floor in the main room of the Hawke Estate. It is on the right of the table under the painting. If one walks straight from the entrance of the estate towards the painting, one will find the storage chest.

Another chest that hosts a set of Finery will be located on the second floor next to Hawke's bedroom door. Unlike the chest on the first floor, it cannot be used as a storage.

Endgame Edit

During the endgame quest The Last Straw the storage is located in the Templar Hall next to Sandal.

Legacy Edit

During the Legacy DLC the chest is located near the entrance to the Corypheus's Prison – Sashamiri's Floor.

Bugs Edit

  • Prior to patch 1.03, the storage chest was not present in the Hawke Estate after completing the main campaign. All items stored in it were effectively lost.
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