Stop Venatori Fire Ship is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


Obtained after completing Follow Venatori Assassins.

Operation text


I have discovered why the Venatori would return to Denerim so soon after the failed assassination attempt. The initial attempt was a ruse, intended to test Denerim's defenses against fire and learn how the city responded to a crisis. Now that the Venatori know where Denerim is weakest, they intend it to burn.

The ship that left Gwaren was a fire ship, loaded with dwarven blasting powder and commanded by Venatori mages. They intend to sail through Denerim's harbors, fight their way up the Drakon River, and set half of Denerim aflame.

We are returning to Denerim, but it is unlikely we will reach the city before the fire ship. Another Ben-Hassrath unit, or your own forces, must stop the ship.


Advisor suggestions


We must warn Ferelden. I can have the ships of three arls ready to stop the fire ship from reaching the harbor.


I have agents in the city who can try to take the fire ship before it reaches the city, although odds are against us.


The Qunari have the best ships on the seas. A dreadnought could blow that Venatori fire ship out of the water.


Josephine / Leliana / Cullen


According to my reports, the fire ship was stopped before reaching the harbor, and while the ship did explode spectacularly, several Venatori mages were captured and made available for interrogation.

The Fereldan forces are grateful for the Inquisition's help. They have sent all the information they found on the Venatori, along with a token of respect from the Fereldan throne.

It was a pleasure working with the Inquisition, and I hope to have the chance to do so again.



Josephine / Leliana / Cullen

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