Stop Venatori Activity in the West is a war table scouting operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


Automatically triggered after In Your Heart Shall Burn once the Inquisition is at Skyhold. It is part of the side quest Sand and Ruin.

Operation text

Leliana’s spies have discovered orders from the Venatori’s high-ranking commanders. A large number of mages are traveling westward to “excavate something of great value to our cause.” The Inquisition must find whatever its enemies are searching for. The region is vast, but Leliana is ready to put her network to use in tracking down Corypheus’s minions.

Advisor suggestions


Not participating in this mission.

Secrets - Power Cost: 20

The Venatori are sending some of their best scholars into the wilderness. Let us discover precisely where they are heading.


Not participating in this mission.


The Venatori are camped in a place known as the Hissing Wastes. They're working their slaves to death digging old buildings out from the sand. The Inquisition should step in quickly because if it doesn't, I’m going to bash the Venatori’s heads in, and you’ll need a new scout.

Lead Scout Harding


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