Still Waters is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Undead have terrorized Crestwood since a Fade Rift appeared in the Lake. There must be a way to close it.


Automatically obtained when the Inquisitor first travels to Crestwood. This quest serves as an introduction to Crestwood and is a significant quest plot in that area.


  • Travel to the Village of Crestwood and destroy the undead attacking at the town gates
  • Speak with Crestwood's mayor in the Village of Crestwood to obtain access to the keep where the dam controls are located
  • Complete Capturing Caer Bronach
  • Access the building with the dam controls once Caer Bronach has been captured, through the room to the right of the merchant, and drain the lake
  • Proceed to Old Crestwood and enter the Flooded Caves
Note: Make sure you speak to the Wraith in Old Crestwood first to obtain the Burdens of Command quest which is completed in the same location.
  • Destroy the Fade rift in the Flooded Caves
  • Return to the Village of Crestwood to speak with the mayor
  • Find his letter to complete the quest.


Destroying the Fade rift in the Flooded Caves yields

  • 512 XP plus 1,934 XP
  • 600 Influence
  • 2 Power plus 3 Power

Finding the mayor's Letter of Confession yields

Notable Items

  • Three mosaic pieces for the Freed Are Slaves collection are found in the Flooded Caves. The first is in a room down a ladder behind the destructible wall (near the Fade rift room). The second is on a table through the door right across from the Fade rift room (same room you exit through). The third is just before the final exit (where you pull the lever).


When talking to the Mayor for the first time:

You'd have to evict the bandits in the old fort to use the dam. I cant ask you to risk your life.
  • Please, let me help - DAIApproval.png Cassandra Slightly Approves, DAIApproval.png Blackwall Slightly Approves
  • I'll be fine. - No approval change.
  • Admit you need the help. - DAIApproval.png Dorrian Slightly Approves, DAIApproval.png Sera Slightly Approves

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