Sten is a warrior of the Beresaad, the vanguard of the qunari race. He is a stoic and disciplined man with a strong code of honor, and the way he treats others depends on whether or not they have his respect, which he does not give easily. He is a potential companion to the Warden and can only be recruited in Lothering.



Quests Given

Ico Quest The Sword of the Beresaad

Initial Statistics

Class: Warrior.

Specialization: None to start with.

Skills: Combat Training level 4

Starting Talents:

Warrior: Powerful, Threaten, Precise Striking, Taunt.

Two-Handed: Pommel Strike, Indomitable, Sunder Arms, Mighty Blow, Powerful Swings.

See Companion Strategies for suggestions on how to develop Sten.
Note: Sten is the only NPC who comes with no specialization. Moreover, he won't get any specialization point at level 7, but one at level 14.


Sten Specific Items

Ico greatsword Asala

Plot Skills

As you befriend Sten and gain his approval he will gain the following additional abilities:

Skill Name Benefit Requirement
Inspired: Minor Strength +1 to Strength 25% approval
Inspired: Moderate Strength +2 to Strength 50% approval
Inspired: Major Strength +4 to Strength 75% approval
Inspired: Massive Strength +6 to Strength 90% approval
Note: These bonuses are non-cumulative, i. e. the companion will get a total bonus of +6, not of +13.


Sten has a liking for paintings. This may seem uncharacteristic of him but his appreciation is actually based in his being impressed by the artist's control of the brush. The official strategy guide likens an artist's discipline to that of a warrior.

Name Notes Description

Tre ico medium painting 2
Painting of the Rebel Queen
Located: Old Tegrin
This painting portrays a battle between Orlais and Ferelden. The Rebel Queen, with fiery red hair, has climbed atop a ruined chariot and is holding aloft her battle standard.
Tre ico medium painting 1
Portrait of a Goosegirl
A painting in a golden frame, showing a girl with windswept hair tending to a flock of geese in a snow-covered valley.
Tre ico small painting 2
Silver-Framed Still Life
This painting is framed in silver and depicts thirty-two identical Orlesian porcelain tureens.
Ico greatsword
Sten's Sword
Found in Dwyn's chest at his home in Redcliffe Village.
A Qunari greatsword. Though its blade shows nicks from numerous battles, it has obviously been well looked after.
Tre ico totem
Located: Caridin's Cross (Origins)
Palace District (Darkspawn Chronicles)
A small wooden totem with figures of demons and other strange beasts carved into it.
Tre ico small painting 1
Water-Stained Portrait
An antique portrait, slightly water-stained, of a man wearing furs and a heavy crown.



Sten at the campfire.

  • "These mages have an unnatural preoccupation with women holding bowls"
  • "If I were indeed hostile, you would be bleeding."
  • "I like swords, I follow orders; there's nothing else to know about me."
  • "Either you have an enviable life, or a pitiable memory, to know nothing of regret."
  • (upon seeing the Urn of Sacred Ashes) "Congratulations! You have found a wastebin."
  • "No one has a place here. Your farmers wish to be merchants. The merchants dream of being nobles, and the nobles become warriors. No one is content to be who they are."
  • "Happiness is fragile. Nothing can be built upon it that will last. Only duty endures."
  • "I thought their warriors would have at least been taller."
  • "What is -- parshaara. Perhaps it will be safer to study the floor."
  • (upon entering Tapster's Tavern in Orzammar) "Is this... some sort of mass suicide?"
  • (upon approaching the Deep Roads in Orzammar) "Why would such a small people make things so tall? They must own an impressive array of ladders."
  • "There are a lot of things in Lothering that begin with G."
  • (upon entering the puzzle chamber in the Temple of Andraste) "The Blight ravages the land, and here we are playing with switches and stepping stones."


See Qunari Language.


Sten concept

Sten's Concept Art

See also: [[:Sten's Dialogue for a more complete list.|Sten's Dialogue for a more complete list.]]
  • Warden "Cookies?"
  • Sten: "Yes. we have no such things in our lands. This should be remedied."


(When entering the Circle Tower for the first time.)

  • Warden: "Can't we work something out?"
  • Carroll: "Hmm... I don't know. Y'know, I am feeling a little peckish, though.
  • Warden: "You want me to feed you?"
  • Sten: "Parshaara! Here! Munch on these if you like."
  • Carroll: "Ooh, cookies!"
  • Sten: "I am content to part with them if it saves us from this fool."
  • Warden: "Where'd you get those?"
  • Sten: "There was a child--a fat, slovenly thing--in the last village we passed. I relieved him of these confections. He did not need anymore."
  • Warden: "You stole cookies from a child?"
  • Sten: *dead serious* "For his own good."


  • Warden: "Tell me about the qunari."
  • Sten: "No."
  • Warden: "Well, that wasn't what I expected to hear."
  • Sten: "Get used to disappointment. People are not simple. They cannot be defined for easy reference in the manner of: 'the elves are a lithe, pointy-eared people who excel at poverty.'"


  • Warden: "What were you doing in the cell?"
  • Sten: "Sitting, as you observed."


  • Warden: "There is wisdom in the Chant, you know."
  • Sten: "Then it should be released into the wild. It is in danger of dying out."


  • Sten: "I don't understand. You look like a woman."
  • Warden: "Are you flirting with me, Sten?"
  • Sten: "Flirting? I don't know this word. Speak the common tongue."

Cheat for Infinite Approval

Once Sten has joined the party speak to him until the option "Why did you come to Ferelden?" appears in the list of questions. Continue the conversation with any of the listed options until the option "Why would the qunari care about the Blight?" appears. Select it then select "I'm a Grey Warden. It's my job." Then select "Did you find the answer to his question." Now the option "Why would the qunari..." will appear again creating a loop. Each loop is worth 4 approval.

Note: Once the player stops the loop, the above conversation cannot be started again, so the glitch is a one-time occurrence.



Sten's appearance in the Sacred Ashes trailer

  • Sten is Swedish and Danish for 'stone' and a Danish name.
  • Sten is one of the three companions who appears in the Sacred Ashes trailer.
  • Of all the companions besides the Warden, Sten only seems to genuinely like and respect Shale, as he calls her kadan, the same title he bestows on the Warden.
  • Sten also seems to be very fond of Dog, more than most other party members. He respects Dog as a strong warrior, and feels a sort of a kinship with him. After recovering his sword, he has a brief encounter with Dog (triggered by the Warden initiating a conversation with Dog) which ends with Sten saying "I see that you, too, know what it is like to have a weapon that is a part of you." (or something to that effect).
  • Sten loves cookies and once even stole some from a child, claiming that he was relieving the child of spoils (and that the child was fat and slovenly, thus he didn't need any more).
  • Sten also has a softer side, as demonstrated when Leliana catches him picking flowers; although Sten denies it, claiming he picked them for their medicinal properties. There's also another instance in which Leliana catches him playing with a kitten, although Sten claims he was "training" it.
  • If Sten and Zevran are engaged in a conversation, Zevran will say that Sten is not his name, it is his rank. Sten will only reply that Sten is what he is. The Warden can also learn this while appearing in Sten's nightmare, as his comrades will call him "the Sten". If the Warden asks why they call him this, he will state "For the same reason they call you the Warden."
  • Sten's sword is named Asala, which means "soul" in the qunari language.
  • When Sten says "Where is the cake? I was told there would be cake. The cake is a lie," it is a reference to Portal by Valve Corporation. "The Cake is a Lie" is written on walls predominantly through many of the game's levels.
  • Sten may also be a reference to "Sten the Ugly" of the fighters guild in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, both being large and wielding two-handed swords.
  • When Sten challenges the Warden in Haven, he will state that that they are going north; however, the map clearly indicates that Andraste's Ashes are to the southwest.
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