The Steep Path is one of the random encounters in Dragon Age: Origins. The party encounters a rage demon with some fiery servants. This encounter only occurs after siding with templars during Broken Circle.

Background Edit

A Greater rage demon is at a statue of an Old God praying and giving an offering to it. The Warden arrives and the rage demon along with its servants attack.

Enemies Edit

Notes Edit

  • After defeating the enemies there is a chest with the offering in it. The chest usually contains a random sum of money, depending on when you do the Broken Circle quest the monetary value will rise, i.e. if you do it first the money will be less than if you do it last.
  • There seem to be three traps right at the beginning that are not able to be disarmed. The trap triggers show up when you hit the interactable items keybind but the triggers are located below ground.
    • xbox360Icon xbox360These traps can be disarmed on the Xbox version of the game.
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