Steel golem is a variant of the golems that Paragon Caridin used to create. These are made entirely of steel and are presumably stronger than their stone golem counterparts.

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Dragon Age: Origins Edit

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Dragon Age: Origins.

As steel golems are all but wiped out, Paragon Caridin is one of the last remaining. Caridin is able to help Shale remember some of her past, as well as being the person to side with if you want the Anvil of the Void to be destroyed.

Inside the South Wing of Bann Franderel's Estate, during the quest The Tears of Andraste, two steel golems in a secret room of the cellar are guarding the Tears of Andraste. They remain inactive unless someone steps over a Pressure Plate which will fill the room with poisonous gas and activate the two golems.

If the Warden chooses to help Branka and saves the Anvil of the Void, four steel golems will be available as allies against the darkspawn in The Final Battle. They are counted as their own army but do not have their own emissary in the party camp, and as such resources cannot be donated to them. They are, however, perhaps the best army in the game in terms of damage and durability, and it is possible to overcome the entire siege of Denerim by only calling them in for aid. As allies, the golems possess the same abilities as their counterparts seen throughout the campaign and Shale.

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Darkspawn Chronicles.

The dwarven armies in the Palace District are accompanied by several steel golems, indicating that the Anvil of the Void was preserved in this timeline; they are formidable opponents, requiring the aid of several well-armed darkspawn to bring down.

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Edit

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Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Three steel golems can be encountered at Hirol's Shrine in Kal'Hirol, and two more at the Shrine of Korth in the Deep Roads of Vigil's Keep. A heavily-modified and dangerous steel golem known as the Inferno golem appears in the Lower Reaches of Kal'Hirol being controlled by the Lost. The Golems in Hirol's Shrine will remain inert unless the player disturbs the sarcophagus, which results in their hostile awakening. In the Shrine of Korth, they will only attack if the player steals from the altar.

Strategy Edit

When encountering the two steel golems in Origins which are part of the Slim Couldry line of quests, it is possible to bypass them without a fight. The golems are triggered by pressure plates within the room, spread out in a checkerboard pattern of five. Disable all five (which requires a rogue with the appropriate skill) and the golems do not activate—allowing the Warden to enter the vault and retrieve the Tears of Andraste untouched.

If you do desire to destroy the golems, note that they behave precisely as stone golems do, just with increased stats. They have greater armor, health, and damage, and triggering the traps will also fill the room with poison gas, dealing damage to all companions.

The most experience is gained from disarming four of the traps, then activating the fifth and killing the two golems. The traps are all deactivated (and cannot be disarmed) if even one is activated.

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